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Welcome Back, Shoe Fundraiser, and Thank you :)

Hi DELLTA membership, we hope you had a very enjoyable and healthy holiday with your loved ones. Welcome back to more exciting remote teaching and learning. We're sure you're rocking it! Let's keep it up!

Today's good news is that we've received our check for our fun and successful shoe fundraiser to continue offering our annual Awards. We collected a total of 60 bags of 25 pairs each. We raised a total of $328.40, YAY! Special Thanks to Anne A - Red Clay, Jackie W - Cape H, Carmen C - Capital, Erica M - Caesar Rodney, Tirzah G - Caesar Rodney, Nell C - Caesar Rodney, and Nellie Stokes Elem. who donated anywhere between 4 to 12+ bags. HUGE Thank you to all of you who participated and supported our efforts. We couldn't have done without you:):)

We're equally Thankful to each and all of you who may have been able to participate in our fundraising efforts but made a monetary donation instead. On behalf of our DELLTA Award recipients we thank you:)

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