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New DELLTA Blog Face :)

Hi DELLTA Friends and EL Advocates, We've 'remodeled' our blog. Our website host informed us that they've developed a 'new and improved' blog forum. Also, they informed us that some members weren't receiving our blog posts because we had to transition to the new blog platform as the old one (the one we had used thus far) would not be supported soon.

I've added everyone whose email address we have on file. Please share with your staff, friends and networks and support us to expand DELLTA's outreach. We'd be most grateful.

Please note that many posts in the old blog weren't saved. I'll review and repost some of the recent posts when I can. In the meantime I hope we'll all receive DELLTA's blog updates and we'll reach out to others to join our organization. And please check our website and reach out to delltadelaware@gmail.com with questions and to learn how you can support DELLTA efforts.

May you all have a happy, healthy, and productive week! Oribel

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