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DELLTA Amanda P. Awards Awards 2020

Dear DELLTA members,

We invite you to join us in honoring our hardworking current/former English Learners seniors with a DELLTA Amanda Sapp Parisi annual award.

DELLTA’s annual awards are a long standing tradition and source of pride for our members, as well as Delaware’s EL students and their families. DELLTA is exceedingly pleased that the number of EL students applying for an award has grown significantly within a 5 year period - from about five students to over 30.

Nevertheless, it is important to be aware that we have limited funds this year. Consequently, should a large number of deserving students be nominated, the amount of the academic award may reflect our current financial status. 

To continue furnishing monetary awards in the future, DELLTA’s current officers urge members AND non members to become actively involved in our fundraising efforts and events. Please consider dedicating a small amount of time to contribute to our fundraising efforts. Please become a DELLTA member and sign up for our blog at www.delltade.org. Contact us at delltadelaware@gmail.com with your feedback.

The window to submit applications is February 4, 2020 to March 17, 2020. Contact us at DELLTA's email to receive the complete application if necessary. All parts of the application must be included and submitted together for consideration. Any missing parts will disqualify the applicant. Applications may be submitted electronically to

delltadelaware@gmail.com. Mailed applications must be forwarded to Milton Elementary School at Cape Henlopen to the attention of Jackie Wager.

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